Wau Production

Wau production is a casting services and support company. We can cast actors and extras, including subsequent coordination and assistance and service to actors during filming. We have our own database of actors and extras. We can arrange actors and extras from any part of the Czech and Slovak Republics. We currently represent 3 actors and actresses from the Czech Republic and 3 actors from the Slovak Republic. We provide film catering in the Prague, Zlín and Olomouc regions. For work with foreign productions, I have an assistant from L.A. who graduated from an acting school in the US and speaks English and Czech fluently at the level of a native speaker.


The Dust
TV serial Marie Terezie
Louis van Beethoven
Die Hexenprinzessin
Přání Ježíškovi
Droneman / Modelář
TV serial Stíny v mlze
TV serial Hlava Medúzy
How We Remember
Jak si nevzít princeznu

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