20. October 2017

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A quality interior, a spacious parking lot with a lockable gate directly on the premises, unique period textile machines in excellent condition, and a friendly manager. In other words, Ideal production conditions for shooting. Please contact the Secondary School of Textile Engineering in Liberec.
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"The textile engineering school building is an example of late Art Nouveau architecture and was designed by Oskar Rössler. The style is manifested in particular in its ‘face’ and the shape of the windows. Also quite interesting is the façade, where the statues by H.K. Scholz from Vienna are located", says Pavlína Sacherová from the Liberec Film Office. The school has four large workshops, all with 4.5-meter high ceilings, with the widest measuring 28 x 23 meters. The premises are typical of former textile facilities. The sewing workshops are equipped with newer sewing machines and other present-day technology, but some older non-functional sewing machines are also available. The school workshop’s equipment is absolutely unique in the context of the Czech Republic, and experts value both its complexity and preservation in its original state.

The icing on the cake of this location is the exceptionally accommodating school director Petr Luksch, who welcomes film shoots. He is also happy to arrange to have experts come operate the historical machines: "In our school’s various workshops, there are about 100 different textile machines for weaving, spinning, sewing and knitting. Most are functional and date from the interwar period to the present day. The majority of machines in the spinning and weaving halls were made in the former Czechoslovakia and Germany. " "The school is currently cooperating with important Czech and foreign suppliers and therefore can readily acquire period materials to suit the needs of anyone interested in shooting in the building," adds Petr Luksch.

For more information on filming in Liberec and at the Secondary School of Textile Engineering in Liberec please contact Pavlína Sacherová from the Liberec Film Office: sacherova.pavlina@magistrat.liberec.cz, +420 773 781 766. Photo gallery also in section LOCATIONS>