22. December 2020

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For the first time in its history, the EUFCN (European Film Commissions Network) will be led by two presidents. The Board of Directors opted for the so-called dual presidency with the aim of establishing a balanced leadership that will add significant value to the association and its mission. Pavlina Zipkova, who has been leading the Czech Film Commission since 2018, will head the EUFCN together with Swedish film commissioner Mikael Svensson.

“I will not take this responsibility the members have given me lightly, I take it as their investment,” says Pavlina Zipkova. “I believe in power of dialog. And I have always believed in balance. By the dual presidency, me and Mikael can achieve a steady and quality communication with our members and with the outside world. Our 2020 motto Together we are stronger! cannot be more apt right now.”

Pavlina touches on the fact that it was the film commissions that this year significantly helped to restart audiovisual production in most countries affected by coronavirus.

"Film commissions are actually ambassadors of the film industry. Their mission is to promote their country as an attractive film destination for economic gain and employment. The film crew is basically a mobile factory. Wherever it parks and manufactures, it uses local services. Add to this the spillover effect in the form of film tourism and we have an idea of ​​the most economically beneficial cultural and creative industry, which is today the driving force of economic growth in Europe and contributes to job creation, " Zipkova explains.

The Czech Film Commission has been a department of the Czech Film Fund since 2017. Ludmila Claussova established it in 2004. The Czech Film Commission has been a member of the EUFCN since its inception in November 2007 in Prague. EUFCN is a non-profit organization supporting the European audiovisual industry and currently represents 96 member film commissions and film institutions from 31 European countries.

EUFCN renewed the Board of Directors at the General Assembly held online on 9 December 2020.

It consists of 8 members and is elected for two years:

Pavlina Zipkova (Czech Film Commission) - President

Mikael Svensson (Southern Sweden Film Commission) - President

Nevina Satta (Sardegna Film Commission) - General Secretary

Alexandra Luetkens (Film Commission Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein) - Treasurer

Milica Bozanic (Serbia Film Commission) - Board Member

Carlota Guerrero (Catalunya Film Commission) - Board Member

Adrian A. Mitchell (Oslo Film Commission) - Board Member

Venia Vergou (Hellenic Film Commission) - Board Member