New Era Safety s.r.o.

New Era Safety s.r.o.

Dear clients, colleagues & friends. New Era refers to a new era in which people make sure they feel good about their jobs and lives. It's an era in which an emphasis on safety and psychological health & safety is a norm, not just an empty slogan. The name also speaks volumes about our vision.

We strive to be a dynamic company capable of adapting to current trends, actively engaging in all aspects of "safety" and "support" within the creative industries. Our objective/goal is to provide comprehensive services, facilitate seamless communication, and ensure the consensual implementation of safety protocols internationally.

The ever-growing services we offer internationally include Occupational Health & Safety, Fire Safety, Psychological Health & Safety Support, Sustainability, Intimacy Coordination, and Medical Advisory.

OUR TEAM is your comprehensive safety solution, a cohesive team of professionals accustomed to seamless collaboration. Each member specialises in various aspects of health and safety to provide a well-rounded service.


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